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Saturated Radar Gta Sa Android

Tittle ➤ Saturated Radar Gta San Andreas Mobile 



This radar more colorfully than original.Looks like 1986 style radar of vc.Texture are high quality.This mod created theganstarplayer for pc. And convert for mobile  m#7.Texture are all replaced & here is no bug

 (author):- Thegangstarplayer

          👇DOWNLOAD NOW👇

Gta sa mod Android


1) First time  Archive extract by zarchiver app
3) texture replace in gta3.txt to using txd tool app

✪ Please, Don’t reupload
✪ You have permission to share
✪ If you create modpack  to use my mod, Plesse mention my blog in credit box
✰ I BEG YOU👋  

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