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Gta Sa android PentHouse

Tittle ➤PentHouse Gta Sa android By androsabd



Another Stylish PentHouse Mod Created Skann On Pc & Convert For Android By Dip T.This mod Location in Lost Santos.

👇 Feature 👇

* 2 Interior 
* 2 Car
* This Mod Fully Stable, No Bug & Crash


 (author):- Skann
Convert For Android  :- Dip T

                           Download Now 



1) First time  Archive extract by zarchiver app
2) Dff & col add file with replace   in gta3.img to using img tool app
3) texture add in gta3.txt to using txd tool app
4) com.rockstar.gtasa folder move Android > data > here

👇Contact Forum👇  
JOIN OUR GROUP:- Gta Sa Bd Modders
FOLLOW ON OAGE :-Gta Sa Bd Modders
E-MAIL -marufsarker178@gmail.com

✪ Please, Don’t reupload
✪ You have permission to share
✪ If you create modpack  to use my mod, Plesse mention my blog in credit box
✰ I BEG YOU👋  

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